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Panthers compete in MLB Pitch, Hit and Run contest

By Tom Strickland 03/20/2018, 9:00pm EDT

11U Panthers players advance to Sectionals on May 19th

Larry the Panther rumored to make an appearance!

What is Brown Baseball?

By Staff 01/10/2018, 8:30pm EST

Port Orange Baseball Club,

Brown Baseball is the showcase teams for Port Orange Baseball Club  that were created from Coach Antwan Brown’s love of the game, and the need to help athletes who are not getting the exposure they need. So many athletes are nowhere near prepared for the next level of baseball; be it high school or college. Brown Baseball is the medium that facilitates that need for a sporting program that grows and empowers these young athletes. This program is set up to give exposure to athletes in the Port Orange area.  

Being a Brown Baseball team member enables athletes to be molded and strengthened to their full potentials. From training and conditioning, to participating in college showcases, to grooming athletes that appreciate their craft and themselves.

Athletes and their parents fail to grasp how important education is when it comes to their baseball advancement. Education requires discipline, and that is something baseball needs. Brown Baseball provides that strong guidance that helps athletes get their school work done, prepare for exams such as the ACTs and SATs, as well as equip them with tools that put the athletes in the right positions for college and for life.

The atmosphere on a Brown Baseball team is drive, determination and pushing past your limits. Being around other people who want to be better, will motivate players to push pass adversity and achieve their ultimate goals. Monitored conditioning and training will dramatically improve an athlete's overall game.

A part of playing baseball, is showcasing your talents and your potential. In a sport that is so competitive, it is very easy for athletes to get over-looked. Brown Baseball wants to help get these athletes out there by participating in college showcases and tournaments that will have college scouts.


Coach Antwan